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Hot Springs, Arkansas' First Off-Leash Dog Park

Hot Springs Bark Park



Shady Grove & Hollywood

along Hot Springs Creek


Bark Park Map             Bark Park Rules             Contact Us

The Hot Springs Bark Park Association has a new Secretary/Treasurer! Please welcome Melissa Carrell who has graciously offered to donate her time for a very good cause! Grand Opening Announcement Coming Soon!
Support This Site

Starting a dog park is no easy task but the rewards will be well worth the effort. Imagine a secure, well maintained area where your dogs can run & play with no worries. It'll be great for the dogs and their owners too!

Hot Springs Bark Park is a non-profit organization devoted to the creation of an off-leash dog park for you - the residents of Hot Springs! We've got the land now, thanks to the City of Hot Springs, but we still need your help to make it a reality!

Do we need a Dog Park?

Darn right we do! Much more than just room to roam, Dog Parks offer a designated place to exercise and socialize your dogs safely.

In addition, dogs who "play well with others" are more likely to react well toward strangers plus, well-exercised
and socialized dogs are less likely to
create a nuisance, bark excessively,
or destroy property.

The bottom line is that Dog Parks
promote responsible dog ownership
and make for a better community all around. They make it easier for the
city to enforce its leash laws, they
also prevent off-leash animals from
infringing on the rights of other community residents, and the mere presence of dogs and owners in the
park helps to deter crime.

Are there other benefits?

 Absolutely! Dog Parks are a great place to train
 your dog too. Sure, there will be distractions
 with all the rambunctious activity going on, but
 what better place to train your dog to pay
 attention to only you?

 Besides, the park won't always be full. Busiest
 times should be weekends and evenings after
 6 p.m. which makes for a lot of relatively empty
 park time on weekdays.

It's not just about the dogs!

Dog Parks also provide an outlet for dog owners to socialize and meet other people with common interests. You never know, another park user may just offer the solution to a problem you're having with your pet!

How will the park be maintained?

The City will provide trash pick-up but the rest is up to the Hot Springs Bark Park Association...and you! We'll take care of the mowing and general upkeep, and provide bags for pet waste removal but you gotta pick up the poop! It's in the rules! Peer pressure helps here, for there is no shame in alerting another park visitor when they've overlooked their pet's "contribution".

Plus, you can always scoop a little extra poop - you never know, you may have missed some of your own dog's #2 action while chatting! Please see
Bark Park Rules to learn what is expected of park visitors.

Note: The lack of proper pet waste removal is the #1 reason for dog park failure. It's simple really; Happy park, Crappy park, you decide!

How can you help?

Besides good poop-patrol habits - WE NEED M - O - N - E - Y !!!
Oh sure, coming to the park is absolutely FREE, but building the park is another story, and we need your help to ensure the success of the Hot Springs Bark Park! The parking lot alone could run as much as $20,000, and we'll need fencing, benches, water stations and a whole host of other things before it's done.

Click to Buy a Brick  Buy A Brick for only $55.00 and we'll have it laser
  engraved with your name or your pet's name, and
  place it in the park permanently!

  Just fill-in the handy brick order form and we'll send an
  electronic invoice (e-mail) with a simple "Click to Pay"
  button. Use your PayPal account, any major credit/debit
  card, or even your checking account!
                     (Other payment options available)

K9 Guzzler Dog Fountain
You High Rollers can help too!
A $1000 donation will buy
1 much needed parking space
or a K9 Guzzler Dog Fountain
like this one.

But any help is appreciated! To make a simple monetary donation, click the "Donate" button below to be routed to a secure PayPal internet payment site and thanks for your support!

We also need V - O - L - U - N - T - E - E - R - S !!!

Please call 501-767-5202 for more info.

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